Securus Video Visitation Provides The Freedom We Need

Staying in touch with a loved one who is incarcerated can be tough. Thankfully, Securus Technologies has many solutions that are designed to make this process easier. Securus is a leading communications provider for correctional facilities. 

I turn to Securus for my calling needs. My personal favorite is their video conferencing. This allows me to quickly and easily get in touch with my family. They also released an Android application that has proven to be very popular. It has been downloaded over 60,000 times in less than six months. Their Apple app was also just released last week. The application is proving to be just as popular, it has over 5,000 downloads so far.

The success of these applications is due to the excellent mobility they offer. I absolutely love being able to make my inmate phone calls from the comfort of home. The applications also mean that I can make my calls using any of my mobile devices. All I need is a data connection to start my video call whenever and wherever I want.

Securus is located in Dallas, Texas. They are a leading communications solution for a variety of needs. They offer service to over 2,200 correctional facilities all across the nation. 

Securus features many different inmate communication products such as email, telephone service and their new video conferencing. They also offer convenient automatic payments to keep your account ready for future calls. Their customer service has been great as well.

Thanks to Securus, I have been able to stay in contact like never before. I find the freedom that their video conferencing offers truly refreshing. The flexibility I have when making my calls at home is remarkable. This is why I strongly recommend Securus for your calling needs. Check out their site here.