South American Investment in Miami

Over the past 20 years, South American venture in Miami real estate has streamed and ebbed radically, it’s impact has been good enough to be mentioned, but not enough to surpass the influence of investments from other continents around the world. South American investment has taken large steps forward over the past several years, earning the respect and attention it deserves in the unique market of Miami Real-Estate. Samuel Strauch and Metrik Real Estate have been on the frontlines of this market for years and have a great deal of experience helping South American investors find properties worthy of investment.

The recent U.S.-Chile free trade agreement also boosted South American investment and created a platform for important deliberations between U.S. home builders and upwards of 100 Chilean lumber-producing businesses, government officials, and trade organizations. This extremely productive forum is just one example of productive talks between the U.S. and South American countries looking to invest more in Miami specifically. Real-estate firms like Metrik Real Estate have watched these talks closely and put experienced realtors, like Samuel Strauch to work in service of achieving this goal.

Strauch is uniquely positioned, as one of the few realtors with international experience and infallible knowledge of the Miami real estate market, to bring South American investors to Miami. South American investors have had a large presence in Miami for more than three decades. Samuel Strauch has provided council and real estate services to many of these investors. Economic and political changes in South America drove many families to relocate to Latin friendly places such as Miami and also represent some of the investors that Strauch has worked with.


In more recent years, South America has, as a whole, seen many of its countries stabilize their economies. This has increased their buyer pool and allowed even more middle-class families to seek out realtors who, like Samuel Strauch, have international real estate experience.

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