Success Academy Charter School Network

Success Academy is the largest of many charter schools in the Greater New York area and provides high-quality education in 41 schools to over 14,00 students.


The academy is renowned for their open enrollment to any and all students across New York City. Students are enrolled by random lottery every April and given the chance to receive free, world-class education by one the 41 Success Academy charter schools across 4 of New York City’s 5 boroughs.


76% of students come from low-income homes and are given the chance to complete a world-class education and receive many advantages otherwise impossible to achieve in their current economic position.


The school has been able to advocate for student’s rights to top-notch education regardless of their economic position or even ability level as over 15% of their students are current or former special needs children.


Students who complete Success Academy’s rigorous education elevate themselves to successful career paths and prove that anyone from any socioeconomic background can achieve a favorable outcome from a high-performing and caring environment.


The status of the Success Academy as a free, high-caliber institution has given them the chance to use their voice in support of education reform across America.


Success Academy has taken a unique role in raising awareness across the United States about the drastic need for education reform. Their special position as a “charter school for anyone” allows them the freedom to speak out against those who deem students from low-income households as more difficult to educate than those from middle or high-income families.


Success Academy has had a few struggles throughout its short history including a battle against New York City to provided funding for its new Kindergarten program. Success Academy requested and was eventually given $720,000 in government support and will continue to use this funding for expansion and a wider range of educational opportunities to New York City’s low-income residents.