Susan McGalla Provides Tips to Women to Succeed in the Corporate Field

Susan McGalla is one of the most talked about female executives in the country today and is an inspiration to thousands of women globally. These days, many women are rising in the management hierarchy of some of the top businesses in the world. Susan McGalla said that the glass ceiling problem in the corporate world had been there for many years, and is still there, even though its influence has vastly decreased in the past few years. The gender equality movement globally has helped the companies and their leaders realize that there are many deserving women professionals out there who can provide similar results as men, and in some cases they do a even better job.

Susan McGalla has studied business and marketing from one of the top institutions in Pittsburgh, Mount Union College. Susan McGalla attributed her success and attitude to her father, who never gave her special treatment for being a girl when growing up alongside her two brothers. It is what made her feel that she is no less than her brothers in any way. It is this attitude that the girls need to have in today’s date to compete with men in the male-dominated corporate world. Susan McGalla is the founder and head of the P3 Executive Consulting that provides financial and business consultancy services to the companies and high net worth individuals.

There are many experts who offer advice to women to succeed in their career, but most of them are outdated and not useable. Susan McGalla, on the other hand, offers practical advice that can be used by women in almost every field. She wants women to respect others if they want to be respected as well. They should let their work speak for themselves and not expect any special treatment just because they are women.