Talkspace Offers a Platform to People to Talk About their Mental Issues with Licensed Therapists

Mental disorders are a real thing, and millions of people are affected by it every year. But, only a few percentages of people facing mental problems get treatment or therapy for it. Everyone goes through some problems in their lives. But, those who have depression symptoms for more than five years are the ones who are considered to be clinically depressed. During the early years, if the person gets the counseling they need, it can help them overcome it and live a positive life. But most people are afraid of getting help or do not want to be judged by others for seeking help for mental problems.

There are several myths and misunderstandings about mental health disorders that prevent people from seeking help. Most people think that if one cannot see a physical wound, it is not significant. It leads to people becoming fearful about therapy leading to worsening of the symptoms over time. Many also feel that the signs of mental problems they are facing are their fault and they need to overcome it on their own. It has been seen that those who seek therapy for the psychological issues can live a healthy life within a few years than those who do not.

Talkspace is an online therapy company based out of New York. The main aim of the company is to make therapy affordable and available to everyone irrespective of their caste, sex, religion, language, income or race. All of the therapists working for the company undergo a thorough background check and follow the same privacy rules that they would in a traditional setting. Patients can speak to their therapists via text messages at any time they feel comfortable with their app that is entirely safe. They also do not have to take time off work or let their dear ones know that they are seeking therapy for some psychological issue.