Ted Bauman Is Excited That People Are Becoming More Savvy With Thier Finances

Ted Bauman is one of those rare successful people who knows what it means to struggle. He worked in many fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonald’s in his youth. When people get successful they lose touch of what it means to struggle financially. Bauman is a man of the people, educating them on how to grow and protect their precious assets from greedy corporations.

The successful financial writer has always dedicated his life to helping those in need. It started with a career in the non-profit sector, and now has moved on the helping people with their finances. Ted Bauman did not go into his current career unprepared, he had a good education to back it up. Plus, his work in the non-profit sector helped too. Ted attended The State University of New York and got a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. Bauman graduated college in 1993. Not satisfied with only a Bachelor’s degree, Ted kept going on his educational journey. He packed up his bags and moved to the state of Georgia to get his Master’s degree in finance. Ted Bauman earned his Master’s degree in 2001. One trend that excited the financial writer is about how people are looking at the global economy. They are learning to think for themselves and are not just catering to big corporations. This is a huge part of what Ted does, and he loves watching people become more financially savvy in that way. Bauman is an advocate for the average person, not governments and big corporations.

Ted Bauman looks at his own journey and thinks about what he would do differently. He would of tried to learn more about economics, especially the technical side of it. Ted Bauman is great at time management, but was not before. Looking back at his younger self, Mr. Bauman would have better time management, so he could be more productive with his time. For now, he takes all these lessons and applies them now so he can keep writing his newsletter, The Bauman Letter. Since attending college in Georgia, Ted continued to live in the same state, but in the city of Atlanta.

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