The Blockchain Technology By Sergeant Belamant Is A Revolution To The Banking Sector

Serge Belamant is the founder and CEO of Net1 technologies. The company is a leader in providing solutions to ease payment transactions. These include ensuring faster and secure payments. He was born in France born in 1953. He has been in South Africa since he was 14, and there he learnt the English language. His history in technology dates way back to his college days. Sergeant Belamant attended Witswatersrand University. He undertook Computer Science as well as applied mathematics in his second year. He also took courses in Information

Systems through UNISA, for a period of 3 years.

After his studies, he worked for Matrix, a company dealing with civil engineering.Serge Belamant developed Cyber computer applications. These which were useful in analyzing and optimizing dam levels to predict oncoming droughts. Later, he headed computer department at the Center for Scientific and Industrial Research. Over the years, Sergeant Belamant continued to create technology models.

Blockchain Technologies

He founded Net1 Technologies in 1989, a Blockchain technologies company. The Blockchain technology is a list of records linked together using cryptography. The Blockchain technologies were the backbone for creation of many crypto currencies. The technology uses smartcards having a micro-controller that creates independent distributed transaction ledgers. Many firms as well as individuals can carry out investments, deposits, and withdrawals securely.

Net1 milestones

Net1 Company grew slowly, with its defining moment coming in 1995 when Visa hired it to use his FTS/UEPS to build a new application. He created COPAC, a secure credit system. He had another hit when he implemented the UEPS which led to the secure and fast operation of CPS, a welfare paying system in South Africa. His company went on to grow, achieving a market value of $2B. He invented the electric purse which could use when online or offline using smart card technology.

Serge Belamant also invented morphing which allowed credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard to operate around the world. He is also credited to the 1: N Biometric Comparison Engine. The technology could check hundreds of millions of fingerprint verification in a second.

Serge Belamant has an unbeatable reputation on the world of IT. He is among the initial investors of the new blockchain technology.

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