The Chainsmokers Change The Game

EDM-pop superstars The Chainsmokers have debuted a new music video to accompany their new single, ‘Side Effects’ with Emily Warren. The new clip features the familiar face of actress Camila Mendes, breakout star of the television show, ‘Riverdale’. Directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, the video opens on an exhausted hotel employee answering a phone call from her boss, letting her know she’ll need to work through the weekend. In response, the worker, played by Mendes, leaves her station and discards her uniform, choosing instead to dance to The Chainsmoker’s infectiously poppy and exhilarating new tune. The video is well-shot, entertaining, and a testament not only to The Chainsmokers’ riotously catchy music, but to Camila Mendes, a truly captivating performer. In some ways, the ‘Side Effects’ video is strangely reminiscent of Fatboy Slim’s classic clip for ‘Weapon Of Choice’ starring a dancing Christopher Walken, who also struts his way through a hotel to a beat. So far, The Chainsmokers have put out five songs this year, including ‘Sick Boy’, ‘You Owe Me’, ‘Everybody Hates Me’, ‘Somebody’ with Drew Love, and most recently, the Emily Warren assisted ‘Side Effects. Additionally, in July, a leaked collaboration with Chicago rapper, Juice Wrld called ‘In My Head’ popped up online. The new music has been received enthusiastically by fans looking eagerly for a follow up to The Chainsmokers’ smash debut album, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’, one of the most celebrated pop records of past decade. Recently, the group announced they were working on a sophomore album, entitled ‘Sick Boy’, which will presumably include their recent slew of hits. The Chainsmokers are possibly the most exciting thing in pop music today. The duo, made up of by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall came together around 2012, but it wasn’t until a couple years later when they landed a top twenty single, ‘#Selfie’, which rose to the top of the charts in more then one country. Overall, The Chainsmokers represent a thrilling new sound, enormously catchy and subtlety transcendent pop perfectly emblematic of a generation.