The Future of Technology Support

Patents on products can make or break a corporation. In order to help maintain independent wealth generation a company needs to focus its attention on safeguarding reliable ways to protect its assets, and this includes unique products that have been developed and researched. Such is the case with Securus Technologies, a well known and reliable information technology firm based in Texas that designs security and communications technologies for a variety of different purposes. This company has recently been accused of operating on expired patent codes by another corporation in the industry, GTL. If true this would mean that Securus would need to make their multitude of products available for free and fair use in the business community. After much research was done into this issue it was discovered by third party resources that these claims were baseless and untrue. View the company profile on


Securus Technologies provides a vast majority of its services to its largest customer base; incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. These individuals are under served and generally ignored by other companies. Securus brings to inmates the ability to openly communicate with their loved ones and family members over a reliable video chat application that operates over WiFi connections. This application works on both Android and Apple devices and allows family members of inmates to bypass security checks at prisons and also the hassle of often times required driving times to reach visitation destinations.


With the accusations by GTL put to rest Securus Technologies can once again do business as usual, providing amazing levels of support to their clients in order to satisfy their communication needs in an environment that is more often than not unruly and dangerous. Peace of mind is one objective of Securus, and through their work with inmates they provide this to them.