The George Soros Footprint

More than philanthropic, George Soros is liberal. The business magnate, and arguably the most philanthropic man that ever breathed, is, still, arguably the second most avid subscriber to the theory and philosophy of open societies. George Soros is a global emancipator and an international proponent of equality, justice, democracy, freedom of speech and other social tenets that are upheld by the Open Society Philosophy. True to his belief in the Karl Popper doctrine which advocates for tolerance and diversion from totalitarian attitudes and tendencies, Soros founded the Open Societies Institute. He later re-branded it to the Open Society Foundations. He has consistently funded it to make philanthropic giving to just emancipation causes across over 100 countries in which the philanthropic organization has branches. Some of the most critical and world-adored causes that the Soros funded initiative has successfully furthered include;

  • Providing assistance in the struggle to topple the communist regime in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
  • The partially successful endeavors to foster civil societies in China
  • Financially strengthening lobby groups and activist movements which fight to overcome war, repression, oil and diamond conflicts, and corruption
  • Providing food, water and medical supplies to the persons caught up in the three-year Bosnia-Sarajevo siege
  • Preventing chronic and resistant strains of TB from spreading from Russian jails and the mountains of Lesotho.
  • Building up downtrodden communities in Haiti, Burma and other poor European settlements
  • Organizing the Black Lives Matter into peaceful natural demonstrations from the violent protests they had begun as.

George Soros has humane reasons for founding and funding the biggest philanthropic organization in the history of man. He has donated 12 billion dollars to charitable causes over his lifetime because he knows what it feels like to lack. He was born at the time when the Second World War raged and the Nazi Regime meant to kill every Jew within their reach. The Soros family, Jewish by descent, were within the fascist’s reach and had to go to great extents not perish. They concealed their Jewish identities and those of other Jewish families to avoid persecution.

George Soros was hunted and targeted merely for his identity. He resolved to work hard to prosper and attain a degree of independence; the independence he uses to secure the independence of other people in oppressive regimes like the Apartheid rule in South Africa.His immaculate organizational skills have not only been instrumental for his Soros Fund Management (his source of wealth) but also the Open Society Foundations. Just like his high-risk investments, Soros chooses high-risk philanthropic causes to take; those that have little chance of success. However, with his cunning and wit, his academic and negotiation prowess, a majority of all Open Society Foundation efforts bear fruit.