The Impact ClassDojo has had in Connecting Students, Parents and Teachers

Technology has made communication between most people efficient and easy nowadays. It has made studying even more efficient as students could do their research and compile substantive research projects. The creation of applications to connect students, teachers and parents is one of the tools that will go a long way in ensuring the success for the students in the school system whether private or public schools. It will ensure that the parents can get the progress of their children in school by communicating with the teachers about their wellbeing and performance at school.

The best communication application that most students, teachers and students can download to ensure efficient communication is ClassDojo. It is the simplest most effective communication platform that can connect teachers, parents and students and creating community that is essential in the school system. The application is user friendly and can easily be understood by the parents and teachers. This application is widely used in the United States and the statistics show that it is used in at least two in every three schools in the country.

This application can be used by the teachers for free and can be downloaded by both the parents and teachers using android devices like phones and tablets, it also works on ios, on Kindle Fire and also on a personal computer. The teachers can use ClassDojo to send direct messages to the parents to communicate on the progress of the student. Using ClassDojo has its benefits since the teacher can send videos or photos of the students in class and send it to their parents. This can bring great joy especially during a hard day at work and receive a photo or video of your child in class. The teachers can also communicate on important school days to the parents through ClassDojo all send at once. When communicating to parents, this application is efficient as the message can be translated into at least thirty five different languages to ensure effective communication.

The teachers in the schools are able to share the classroom experiences with the parents. This is particularly important where the parents are busy at work and at the same time need to monitor the progress of their children at school. ClassDojo makes it possible for them to achieve this. The teachers can also send the progress of the student to the parent. They can state that the student does his or her homework, which he or she is actively participating in class and any other positive attributes. Therefore the use of ClassDojo is important in creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools in the United States.