The Lung Institute Is Finding Success with a New Form of Stem Cell Therapy

The human body is quite remarkable. For example, humans are able to live longer than the vast majority of other mammals. People often forget just how hard every cell in their body is working. And they might well forget just how valuable the gift of health can be. But both of these ideas come into stark contrast when someone finds himself struck with serious illness or injury. Even more so, when the problem arises from something fundamental to his or her life and well-being. This is the situation that people with chronic lung conditions find themselves in. The wide ranges of unpleasant symptoms stand as evidence of just how hard their body is struggling to maintain itself. But the symptoms are also evidence that the struggle isn’t one that can be won alone. Unfortunately, lung conditions are among the more difficult parts of the body for doctors to work with. The importance and complexity of the lungs are only part of the problem. The other is that it’s simply difficult to get full and continual access to someone’s lungs in order to work on them.

The Lung Institute is more aware of that problem than anyone. Their central mission is to help people with lung problems. In doing so they’ve continually been at the forefront of many different cutting edge technologies. One technique in particular is getting some well-deserved attention due to the astounding success rate, reports PR Web. People are understandably joyous when they find themselves able to breathe properly for the first time in years. What’s even more amazing is that this happens after a fairly noninvasive procedure.

The Lung Institute uses something known as stem cells to heal damaged lungs. These cells can be thought of as the building blocks of any body part. A stem cell will usually form into the material it’s surrounded by. Stem cells in muscle tissue will form into muscle. Stem cells in the lungs will serve a similar function there. The problem is availability and activation. When a problem occurs with someone’s lungs, the stem cells in that area might not be able to rise to the situation. The Lung Institute has created a way to harvest stem cells from a patient’s blood or bone marrow. They can then turn that sample into medicine and reintroduce it back into the patient’s body.

The Lung Institute is also able to ensure that the payload of activated stem cells will collect in the lungs rather than any other part of the body. This serves to supplement the ineffective stem cells already in the lungs with a fresh supply of active medicinal stem cells. By using this method the Lung Institute is able to provide patients with an unmatched level of individualized care. The stem cells are from their own body, and perfectly aligned to it. Every patient is unique. And every stem cell treatment used by the Lung Institute is as well.

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