The massive upgrades that OSI Food Solutions made to its facility in Toledo Spain

In the list of top world food companies, OSI Food Solutions is among the list. The company is responsible for the distribution of food in wholesale and customs food for some of the well-known companies in the food services and retail industries. The clients that they offer their services to include KFC, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, and Subway. OSI Food Solutions ensures that the customers are offered with the best services, and they made an investment that will continue ensuring that their customers are given the best services available. The processing facilities of the company that were based in Toledo, Spain, and Portuguese. There was an increase in the demand of processed chicken in the regions the official of the company knew that they had to do something.

The official observed that each year there was an increase of 6%. That’s when the president David McDonald and official of OSI Food solutions knew that they had to make changes. They went ahead and invested in a new production line and the results received have been outstanding. The production in Toledo has been doubled from 12,000tons to 24, 000tons per years. That was not the only big news that OSI Food solutions had to offer. In the year 2016 was a massive year for the company. The other thing that they did in the same year is purchases of Baho Food that was owned by the Netherlands and Flagship that the United Kingdom possessed. The Flagship deals with the supply of food like pies, marinades, sauces, and others. After OSI Food Solution acquired Flagship, they changed the name to Creative Foods Europe.

The other achievement that the company received in the same years is that they won an award from British Safety Council the prestigious Globe of Honour. To become eligible for the prize the one thing that a company has to meet is that they have to be of 5- star rating. The award will recognize companies that have other the years made outstanding commitments to ensuring that their operations are environmentally sustainable. That is something that for OSI Food Solutions places a high value on. Click here