The Power Of The Members Of Avaaz

Avaaz is different from the typical online activist network. Their power is in their members located in nations all over the world. These individuals are organized and use their voice to make necessary changes in the world. The millions of member act on national, global and regional issues with the power of a collective force. They take the view of the people of the world into consideration as they lobby governments, organize protests and sign petitions. Avaaz uses new technology to make an important difference. Their team operates globally to ensure all issues of concern to the public are addressed with flexibility and focus. The community draws the attention of the world to pressing issues. Their response to urgent situations is immediate, precise and provides necessary help and support. The true power of Avaaz is in the commitment of their members.

The members decide which issues they believe deserve a response. Their campaigns involve hundreds of thousands of members acting on their beliefs. Avaaz makes a difference.The staff alerts the Avaaz members through email of current and pressing information. The campaign is dependent on the members response. When they decide to become involved the community acts. They develop strategies for their campaigns, use alerts that are compelling, clear and ensure the messages of the members are heard. Avaaz never tries to convince their members to act on any cause. The decision lies with the members. The members are the ones who have suggested the campaigns that were the most successful.

The skill, communication and vision of the leadership is compelling and is helping build a better world.When the moment to act arrives Avaaz is dedicated. Critical decisions are made, perceptions are considered and consequences are discussed. The public cry of the members of Avaaz is heard all over the globe and the members leave their mark. This type of action may only be necessary once or twice in a year. Avaaz will work on every important issue within every country once the members have made the decision to act. The members supply the funding for Avaaz. This means only Avaaz is accountable for their actions and cannot be influenced by funds from big corporations or corrupt governments.The most basic belief of Avaaz is everyone on the planet is a human being. Each person has responsibilities to others and to the future generations of the world. Their commitment takes these beliefs into account. They believe and have proven they can make changes in the world.