The Roles of End Citizens United

Towards the 2018 elections, The End Citizens United is still pushing to ratify the nominees who have shown their great support of finance change. Due to the opposition of the two groups Citizen United and FEC, the End Citizen United has come up with several activities to support the financing of its campaigns. Precisely, the organization is willing to help the candidates who hold a track record of refuting bribes for casting a ballot in favor of a particular candidates. So far, the End citizen United has declared the support of the endorsed twelve candidates. Visit their website on

End Citizens United has always been against the activities of Citizen United and FEC. These are the two groups that have greatly facilitated to the increase of bribe money which is used to buy and pay candidates for particular interests. Instead of the aspirants representing their constituents, they represent the benefits of the rich people. The unions that offer them with millions of dollars in support of their campaigns bring treacherous disinterest when it comes to the requirements of their real constituents. They also provide the unfair advantage in protesting for the aspirants who are prepared to take over the cash from such big companies and great PACs.

The ECU and democratic nominees have been rejecting PACs and Super Pacs corporates. As this puts their campaigns at an essential monetary disadvantage, it sends an instant recognizable message about dramatic for movement funding reforms at each level. Those who are concerned about the dominant pressure of bribe money on politics should support End Citizens United and its hard work. Recently, the organization authorized about twelve incumbents and hopes to assist them to hold on to their positions in the coming election.

End Citizens United has also made sure that it offers support to several candidates who will be vigorously demanding legislator incumbents in many critical districts. The organization has made a big move to fight and bring together more voices to preach against crusade finance corruption. In this world, democracy is not known to come easily. What’s left now is for other likeminded individuals and groups to join End Citizens United in its efforts of fighting corruption in the electoral systems and ensure all candidates at the ballot enjoy the right of democratic system.

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