The Roots And History Of The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a spiritual headquarters for those who are going on a journey for knowledge. It is often misnamed as a religion, but Kabbalah is a search for the truth. This article explains how Philip and Karen Berg started the Kabbalah Centre to help people with a similar need for knowledge, and there is an explanation of how Kabbalah is used to study spirituality.

#1: The Founders Started With One Office

Philip and Karen Berg started the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, and the Centre has expanded to include several offices around the world. Their offices are a place where knowledge may be sought, and they are a place for contemplation of the knowledge of religion and spirituality. The Kabbalah Centre is not a church, but it is a place where scriptures are kept, students are given a space to study and the Berg family provides a staff that aids in the study of religion.

#2: How Has The Family Grown The Centre?

The Berg children are now considered the spiritual leaders of the Centre, and the family helps keep an even keel at the Centre where generations have come to study. There are offices around the world where study may be completed, and the Kabbalah Centre improves its library every year to include the most relevant literature on the subject.

#3: What Literature Is Included?

The bible, torah and other holy books are used in the Kabbalah Centre. Their brand of mystic study does not rely on a certain religion to focus itself, and students who are at the Kabbalah Centre will become familiar with several different types of literature during their studies. There is no one way to think, but students will come close to the presence of God in the Centre. Students who are seeking true spirituality will find it in their studies at the Centre.

The goal of the Kabbalah Centre and the Berg family is to bring people as close to God as possible. God is floating all around us, and the intensive study at the Kabbalah Centre helps result in a new presence of mind that includes God in all things.

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