The Talk About Talk Fusion

This private company established itself in 2007 and continues to grow under the influence and leadership of Bob Reina, connecting people around the world with modern and innovative technology. Bob gave up his steady income as a police officer to pursue his dreams. This dream came to fruition in the form of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a company that makes video conferencing and networking software. The time saving aspects of this product alone are remarkable, as money can be saved in several areas of the department budget, via all of the video conferencing and marketing capabilities.

Talk Fusion as a company encompasses a savvy work team, striving to bring people together thru technology. In essence it’s a program designed to curb both spending and time spent sharing information. The program design features the ability to create live video chat,as well as live meeting and conference video. It is compatible with all operating systems and can be viewed on most mobile devices, such as Iphones, Ipads or Androids with an internet connection and browser. The video can be created on your mobile devices as well and shared thru hyperlinks to those without the app for added convenience.

Founder, Bob Reina has been marketing for 20 years and brings his unique ideas to the table on all counts. Not only is the company on top of ever changing technology when it comes to video networking, it provides an affordable work from home start up program to sell the product. With both a place in job market opportunities and time saving for businesses Mr. Reina seems to have made his mark on the business front.

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