Thor Halvorssen’s True Nature Explained

Thor Halvorssen was interviewed in the April 6 edition of the Weekly Standard. The writer, Matt Labash, collected in-depth information about this enigmatic philanthropist and traveled to Korea to witness Halvorssen in action. The right leaning Weekly Standard can not altogether embrace Halvorssen as he is a supporter and contributor to the campaign of Bernie Sanders, as was evidence in a recent Fox News interview. The article does justice to Halvorssen and completely and intimately explores his personal life from childhood, his school life in London and delves into his personal life, including eccentricities, and his compassionate commitment to his foundation.
As mentioned in Forbes, Halvorssen, his father and mother had a contentious relationship with the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen was raised in a wealthy privileged environment but with a lifestyle that had a sense of responsibility toward his fellow man. His father was allegedly tortured and imprisoned by the Chavez regime, and his mother was actually shot while she was involved in a peaceful demonstration against the ruling government.
In this article, Labash covers Halvorssen as he opposes the Kim family in North Korea. North Korea has become everybody’s favorite enemy and Labash goes on to explain the involvement of Halvorssen and his foundation, the Human Rights Foundation.
The article paints a full picture of Thor Halvorssen using all the graphic details of tabloid expose, but Halvorssen is regarded and represented in the article as a productive member of the human rights movement; and his drive, which is intense, and his complex political leanings, which are neither right or left wing but completely opposed to tyranny of any sort, are detailed in this very complete biography. After reading the in-depth article, any reader will have a truer idea of what Thor Halvorssen is all about. We come away after reading the article knowing that he is hyper-active, ethical, brave, a health nut, gay, and fully committed to improving the human condition.

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