Todd Lubar, Real Estate Mogul in Maryland

Have you noticed one of the new trends in the real estate market today? Have you noticed that new, high end apartments are on the rise in older, less chic real estate? In Baltimore, the real estate market is booming thanks to the millennials moving into the area. Real estate moguls are transforming historic landmarks into new apartment buildings with high end prices to boot.

A prime example of this is at 10 Light Street in Baltimore where Under Armour transformed the ground level building into a expensive training center and gym. Another example is the Bank of America building which was transformed into the rise of new apartments. These apartments are some of the nicest in the area.

The overall cost of living is less in the Baltimore area and this area is close enough to Washington D.C. to allow for people to commute into the Washington D.C. area. Because the cost is cheaper, more people are coming to the Baltimore area following their graduations from college and to pursue their careers.

One real estate mogul who knows all about this is Todd Lubar. He has been involved in the real estate world for some time. Todd started his career in real estate with Crestar Mortgage. Upon his departure from Crestar, Todd went on to work for Legacy Financial. It is during this time that he became well known in the real estate market. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd became the Sr. VP at Charter Funding and the impressive accomplishment that he was able to fulfill was being among the top 25 Mortgage originators within the United States for many years. Since this time period, Todd has entered his own real estate market through the use of his very own real estate demolition as well as development companies in the Baltimore area. Todd is still very active in the real estate world throughout the area in Maryland.

When people start looking into real estate, the name that comes to most minds is Todd Lubar. He is looked to in the world of real estate as the top mogul who knows everything that people want in the real estate world. You can follow his Facebook page.

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