Top Tips about Whitney Wolfe CEO of Bumble

Technology has evolved over the years making things easier, which many people thought were impossible. Speaking of dating in the current world is an obvious thing, dating sites have made it easy for people to socialize all over the globe. Many dating sites and applications have been invented by various people one of the sites and applications being Bumble.

The application was founded by Whitney Wolfe back in 2014 who is the current Chief executive officer. She was born 1989 at Salt Lake City attending a Catholic-sponsored high school by the name Judge Memorial and later went to Southern Methodist University where she greatly majored in international studies. For more latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

Early Business Life

While still in college she started a small business of selling bamboo bags. After hard work, some great celebrities of that time partnered with her one being Patrick Aufdenkamp launching the Help us Project. The bamboo received a national press after the celebrities advertised the bags. After she graduated from college, Whitney Wolfe traveled to Asia where she worked in Orphanages.

After working for several years, Whitney Wolfe joined a dating, Tinder in 2012. Through hard work, she was made the vice president of the marketing of Tinder and fueled its popularity in colleges and universities due to her excellent interaction with students. The growing of the company made great tensions, and she opted to leave the company in 2014 due to sexual harassments she had received, and she filed a legal suit and compensated with over one million dollars.

Foundation of Bumble

The founder of the Badoo bags, which Wolfe sold in college, Andrey Andreev contacted her about creating a partnered dating site and platform. She moved to Texas still in 2014 where she founded Bumble, which made women control more than the traditional dating applications. Whitney Wolfe is one of the most important women less than 35 years winning major business awards due to her great hard work.