Traveling Vineyard – Make Money By Tasting Wine

Would you like to work from home? Maybe you would like to fulfill your family obligations or you are just tired with the normal routine of 9-5 job.

Obviously starting a home based business is not a walk in the park but with Traveling Vineyard, you will never regret the day that you handed over you resignation letter so as to venture into home-based business. You love wine? You can be a good taster? Then Traveling Vineyard is the perfect business for you.

Business model

The business model of the company is quite simple and can be managed by anyone who is has the zeal and passion of becoming a wine taster. The model emphasizes on providing adequate support to new members who express their interest in the business. Once you make an application to be part of the business, a regional leader will be assigned to you. The leader will take you through everything that you need to know about the business and you will be free to ask any questions which will be answered.

After you have acquired enough information about the pillars of this business, you will now get into the Tasting Room. This is an online training platform that covers everything about the company. You will learn about the company’s wines, how to do tasting and how to grow your business. The training does not end there, Traveling Vineyard organizes other events such as an annual Harvest conference and regional events. These events provide chance for Wine Guides to meet so that they can get further training, address their challenges and also have some fun.


Traveling Vineyard has a number of benefits that members can enjoy. You will be getting good financial returns by having fun with your business. With tends to bring happiness meaning that that all through the business, you will never have a dull moment. Given that it is a home business, you will be free to plan and arrange for your day. Wine Guides never walk alone! They get immense support from the company. The company is active on major social media platforms where thousands of followers share their experiences. These social media pages also provide a communication platform between the company and other people.