Well Water Returning To Normal At Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Spokespeople from both Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Placer County Environmental Health Department have recently been giving some background and an update on the rain event that caused problems for an isolated well water system within the historic resort. A series of upgrades were performed on the four well water supply system just months before the rain event occurred and inundated the system with far more water than could have been anticipated; the presence of E. Coli and Coliform in the system is now being fought and the battle won by a group of experts who have come together to return the water to its usual safe drinking quality.


Wesley Nicks of Placer County Environmental Health Department explained the four affected wells have been undergoing an intensive treatment process in a bid to remove the dangerous levels of bacteria; Nicks went on to explain positive effects had been seen in three of the four wells where E.Coli had been completely removed and Coliform levels had been drastically reduced. Environmental Health officials and independent water experts employed by Squaw Valley will have the final say on when the water will be turned on again to the Upper Mountain area of the resort to make sure no visitor or guest is negatively affected by the contaminated water.


Squaw Valley’s Liesl Kenney explained no health problems had yet to be linked to the contamination as no guest or visitor had been offered contaminated water due to the extensive testing procedures undertaken by officials at the resort. Despite the issues in an isolated portion of the resort the slopes of the mountain remain open for business from top to bottom with visitors provided with complimentary bottled water. Squaw Valley always looks to ensure the safety and security of its guests is its highest priority and will take the advice of experts before water will by turned back on and restaurants in the Upper Mountain area will be opened once more.