Wengie: Sharing the Passion for Fashion

YouTube has become an extremely popular site for both entertainment and social media. YouTube is more than just a place for music videos; it now features many educational videos, mini t.v. series, and so much more. As the rise of YouTube has gone on, the development of famous YouTube stars has begun. Famous YouTubers have made an impression on their audiences to the point where they are gaining huge amounts of subscribers. One famous YouTuber is Jenna Marbles. Her channel features videos mainly targeted to millennial females. Her use of comedy and common topics has helped her to gain over 15 million subscribers. Smosh is another very popular channel. It’s run by two guys, Ian and Anthony, who provide many comedic videos and parodies of videogames and movies. The last YouTuber worth mentioning is PewDiePie. This channel shows Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg playing video games along with his reactions to the games. As of now, he has the top channel.

Among all these famous YouTubers is Wendy Huang, the girl behind the Wengie channel. This Australian has started her own beauty and lifestyle channel that has gained a lot of popularity among women, especially in Australia. Her videos include makeup tutorials, diet advice, skin products reviews, and a lot more. Along with her YouTube channel, she also has her own blog called the Wonderful World of Wengie.

Wengie has loved fashion and beauty ever since she was little, and wanted to share her passion with the world. She takes in inspiration from everything and everyone around her to create a unique and popular channel. She appeals to Asian women, as she uses a lot of Asian products in her tutorials and reviews. There are not many beauty channels that feature Asian products so that has made Wengie become extremely popular among the Asian community.

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