What You Need To Know About Dick DeVos: Philanthropist and Champion of ‘School Choice’

Dick Devos is a renowned American politician, philanthropist, entrepreneur and activist who is married to Betsy Devos, the US Secretary of Education. The holder of a BA degree from Calvin College, Michigan, she has been an active participant in Republican politics for more than 3 decades and emerged as the major fundraiser for the GOP in Michigan. She is also a vocal advocate for ‘school vouchers’ and reform of the education sector. She is a supporter of Detroit’s charter school system and remains vocal in her support of school voucher programs and charter schools in general.


Following her nomination for Secretary of Education in President Donald Trump’s cabinet, she managed to garner a 50-50 vote in the US Senate in the midst of strong opposition. However, the tie was broken when Vice President Mike Pence voted in her favor. This was the first time in the history of the United States that a cabinet nominee had ascended to office through the VP’s ti-breaking vote.


Support for Charter Schools

58 year-old DeVos is highly regarded for championing of school choice. Speaking to the Philanthropy Roundtable in a 2013 interview, she reiterated her focus on education choice. To add to this, the former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, President Trump’s bitter political rival, praised the appointment of DeVos to the cabinet, saying that she was ‘an outstanding pick’ for the position. He also stated that the Secretary for Education has a distinguished history of championing for the right of parents to choose the schools which ensure that their children succeed. She has an unshakeable allegiance to families, especially those that struggle economically.



Looking beyond the millions of dollars which DeVos’ family has donated to fund republican candidates all over the country, Betsy DeVos, alongside her husband, Dick DeVos, have donated millions of dollars of their sizeable fortune through the foundation they founded in 1989. A lot of the billionaire couple’s donations are a reflection of their Christian beliefs and conservative political leanings. A look at the causes to which they have funneled their money provides an insight into the causes she may look to champion in her tenure as Trump’s education secretary. In 2015, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation handed out over 10 million dollars to a wide array of organizations. They also pledged to provide $3.2 million in various grants in the future.


Personal Life

Betsy is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr., who is popularly known as dick DeVos. He is a businessman and formerly served as the Chief Executive Officer of Amway, a network marketing firm that was co-founded by his father, Richard DeVos. Betsy and her husband have been blessed with four children, namely Richard Marvin III, Ryan, Andrea and Elisabeth. They also have one grandchild.


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