Whitney Wolfe Brings Power Back To Women

It can be extremely difficult to find the time to date and socialize when you are trying to get involved in the business world. The solution to this problem comes in the form of Bumble, a popular female based dating app, now that it has options for dating and forming friendships.

Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO of Bumble, came up with the idea after she noticed how hard it was for her to get out and make friends when she had just moved to a new area and was so busy with work. Since her dating app, Bumble, was so successful, she decided to give her users the option to use the app platonically instead.

The Bumble BFF module of the app uses a different algorithm than the dating side and it is targeted at young professionals in your area. The app is easy to use and it is also stress free because it gives women the power to message first. In the Bumble BFF, either party is able to initiate a conversation. The conversation can be ended at any time if there is not a connection. The BFF side of the app allows people the possibility to expand their social circle and make connections with young professionals in the area. There is also an option that allows you to search for people if you do not want to wait for a match.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended the Southern Methodist University and during that time she also started her first business. The income from this business was donated to the areas that were affected by the BP oil spill. It gained a lot of traction on social media.

Whitney Wolfe previously worked at Hatch Labs, which is how she started working on a new dating app which would come to be known as Tinder. Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Tinder and Vice President of Marketing, eventually left the company and started her own dating app that was targeted for women. In 2014 she was named as one of the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech by Business Insider.