Whitney Wolfe Revolutionary The Dating Industry One App at a Time

Software applications have revolutionized the world. This even extends to the area of romantic relationships. Year after year, the use of dating apps has increased significantly. In this advanced world of technology, connecting with others has become even more important. As the founder of two dating applications, Whitney Wolfe Herd has a unique understanding of the benefits of dating applications. Whitney Wolfe has revolutionized the dating world with Tinder and her new dating application Bumble.


This new venture adds a new twist to dating. One of the main goals of the application is to decrease harassment and create a safe dating environment for women. The application places all the control of initiating communication in the hands of women. Women are encouraged to make the first move by utilizing the Bumble app. The application also promotes users to create an atmosphere of kindness and respect to build meaningful relationships. With a corresponding swipe to the right on a user’s profile, users are able to be matched to a person of interest. Once a match is made, only the woman can start a conversation. Even though men can not start a conversation, there is a feature called SuperSwipe. SuperSwipe is a 24-hour feature, which allows men to proclaim that they are VERY interested in starting a conversation with a woman.

Bumble has also taken its revolutionary method a bit further. The company has taken a political stance against guns. Bumble users are able to post images of their hobbies and activities. However, guns are prohibited. This restriction also extends to knives and other weapons. The company has also cut all ties with the NRA to reinforce the company’s stance on guns.

Whitney Wolfe is on a mission to change the world one step at a time. The founding of Bumble has allowed Whitney Wolfe to focus on increasing workplace equality for women and create a safer workplace community. The organization is also focused on creating a strong female brand. These goals have allowed the company to achieve an extreme amount of success. In just a few short years, Bumble has experienced an astonishing amount of growth. The application currently has over 18 million users and is currently valued at 1 billion dollars. The success of the application has also brought a lot of attention to Mrs. Herd. She was recently recognized as Time Magazines 100 Most Influential People in the World.

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