Whitney Wolfe The Bumble App Developer Who Is Changing Dating For Women

Dating has revolutionized, and people from all over the world are embracing technology even to make it simpler. There are dating apps that have been developed to match people with potential partners.

One of the most successful dating apps is the bubble app that has been able to match over 800 people every month. Bumble was founded in July 2014 by Whitney Wolfe a successful entrepreneur and a co-founder of a similar dating app known as Tinder.

The app is breaking the societal rules that restrict women from making the first move when they see a good man. The app only allows ladies to make the first step, photos of potential dates are uploaded, and if a woman is interested, she is supposed to swipe right. If the guy she is interested in swipes right too they are matched. Bumble expects the woman to swipe before a period is over before the match has disappeared. If a match has gone after the 24 hours, he doesn’t come back any other time.

Men are also supposed to respond to the message from a potential match before 24 hours are over. The app has solved a problem that men suffer silently, the fear of rejection when they make the first move to a lady. The app has been very efficient, and over 5000 engagements are recorded each month. The app is also adding some beneficial features that will enable users to find business deals online. This will give the app more users who can interact and help each other with real life issues.

Whitney Wolfe is a daughter to a property developer Michael and her mother Kelly was a stay at home mother. Whitney Wolfe was raised in Salt Lake City Utah. She is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University where she studied International Studies. She was born an entrepreneur, and in her teenage days, she was doing business selling tote bags made from bamboo.