Who is Arthur Becker?

Arthur Becker is the current chairman and chief executive of Madison Technology Group LLC. He has been a managing member of Atlantic Investors, LLC since 2002. Arthur Becker studied business at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth for one year. In 1972, he graduated from Bennington College with Bachelor of Arts.

In an interview conducted by Ideamensch, Arthur revealed more information about himself that probably many people were not aware of. For instance, the idea behind Madison was born out of his engagements with both Zinio and NaviSite where he was exposed to both real estate and technology. Arthur Becker’s typical day is quite flexible devoid of scheduled conference calls and meetings.

To ensure his optimal effectiveness, Arthur chooses to only work with the people he respects. He feels at home when involved with the organization and coordination of the works of experts and other talented individuals.

Arthur Becker is excited about the steps that the world of biotech is taking with respect to cancer treatment. He cites his ability to evaluate and help in the development of management talent as the one habit that has helped him realize tremendous success. Arthur Becker had a difficult time at the age of sixteen when he worked at the Parks Department in a small town. The sixteen-year-olds were given tough jobs at $1.60 per hour. This experience gave him the right motivation to pursue a better and more lucrative job. When asked about the one strategy that has helped him win most of the time in business, Arthur Becker emphasizes the importance of recognizing talent as the key to success. He advises other entrepreneurs to find a way of identifying talent, convincing the right talent to buy into their visions, and then giving them the freedom and enough room to actualize them.

In the past, he has held top leadership positions in other companies such as NaviSite and Zinio, where he served as the CEO. Navisite existed between 2002 and 2010, and offered technology and application management services to its UK and US customers.

He also served as a senior adviser for seven years, to Vera Wang – a Fashionista company. When NaviSite was sold off to Time Warner in 2011, Arthur became a private investor in the world of technology.

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