Why George Soros Is Uneasy About The Future

The Direction Of Politics
2016 changed the direction of politics in the West dramatically. Nobody expected conservatives to pull of the victories they managed to achieve in America and Europe. In America, Republicans gained control of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court in one single move. In Europe, the Brexit vote passed and populist conservative politicians on Politico like Marie Le Pen rose in their standings the success of these campaigns has left many wondering what progressives should do now.

The Guard Of The Left
George Soros is particularly upset with the results of these elections. A longtime donor to progressive politicians, he had hoped for the success of both Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the White House and the failure of Brexit. When Hilary Clinton lost to Donald Trump and Brexit passed he was left severely disappointed with the outcomes. This didn’t discourage him from trying to continue his interest in politics on project-syndicate.org. Now, he is determined more than ever to fight against the political trends he believes are responsible for this losses and he wants to find a way to help the Left.

Why Things Went Wrong In 2016
Naturally, progressives are studying this defeat and wondering how things went wrong. The majority of polls suggested that Donald Trump would not win and the last polls before Brexit predicted the United Kingdom would stay within the European Union. George Soros believes this happened because the Left failed to find a way to include the middle class within globalization. Feeling left out by the entire process many decided to vote for candidates who explicitly sent a message of opposition to free trade and immigration on discoverthenetworks.org. Until progressives understand how to include them this will continue to happen.

Why He Feels Uneasy About The Direction Of Politics
George Soros does not believe that recent political outcomes are simply normal ebbs and flows of politics. He sincerely believes that these are signs that we might find ourselves headed towards an age of authoritarianism and the end of democracy as we know it. Particularly, George Soros sees Donald Trump as a modern political figure strongly resembling dictators of older times in both his political views and his approach to politics. The Left needs to quickly find a way to fight this growth of populist conservative movements or the consequences down the road could upend all of the progress the Left has made.

About George Soros
For decades George Soros has worked as both a hedge fund manager and a philanthropist. He has used his fortune to change the world around him and help give people in need of assistance the leg up they need to make a better life for themselves. Much of his philanthropy is accomplished through his support for politicians and political movements that favor the free market and the development of open societies. He has spent decades promoting progressive politics and continues to do so as a matter of character and principal.