Why Jail Officials Recommends the Services of Securus Technologies – Know the Truth

Securus Technologies is known to provide a wide range of civil and criminal justice technology solutions to its clients, mainly prisons, correctional facilities, and county jails. Their main aim is to help them provide information and intelligence that can help them in solving and prevention of crime within the prisons and outside of it. With the states investing heavily in technology to improve the security of their prisons and county jails, Securus Technologies continues to provide them with solutions to help them achieve their mission. All of their services can be customized to include the policies of the correctional agency.


In a recent press release published by Securus Technologies, the company shared some of the recent customer service comments that they received from its esteemed clients. These were received by the company through emails and letters from many US residents as well as jail officials and sheriff’s department officials. While the company wrote the comments anonymously, the people provided detailed references to the different incidents that clearly speak for the excellent services that Securus provides to them.


One such comment was from a jail official. He spoke about how the calls monitored by Securus helped them get useful information regarding drug use and alcohol use within the facility. Apart from that, they were also able to solve a murder, stop money laundering and also catch a person for selling prescription drugs illegally.


Securus Technology has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau because of its excellent services and high level of customer support. It is their mission to make correctional facilities work effectively and to reduce the crime rates in the country and abroad. The company continues to make alliance and partnership with other firms to be able to provide first class services to its clients to curb crimes.