Why Talk Fusion’s Month-long Free Trial is Causing Excitement

Talk Fusion, which has in recent times emerged as a pacesetter in video communication has initiated its long awaited month-long free trial. The service is available in nine languages and covers more than 140 countries. Its launch means that Talk Fusion’s potential clients can try out this new technology for thirty days with no user charges. The inauguration comes after year-long discussions and planning, which involved a lot of policy making and hard work.

The firm’s management is buoyed by the endless possibilities that this video marketing service gives its users. The trial period is meant to familiarize them with the product and give them an in-depth understanding about the efficacy of the tool in promoting their businesses. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina emphasizes that the product has no equal due to its user friendliness in addition to other unique features. He further adds that offering it for free is a way of promoting other products that are offered by the firm.

How to Sign Up for the Product

Individuals and organizations that want to use the video marketing application can sign up by visiting Talk Fusion’s website. They are only required to provide their names and email addresses. Once they sign up, those who want to use the free trial platform can send video emails, circulars and even hold live meetings. Users start taking note of the numerous advantages of this application the moment they sign up. The tool come with free tutorials, which help enhance user satisfaction and understanding of the system. This cutting edge technology has made Talk Fusion stand out from other video content distributors.

About CEO Bob Reina

The former police officer founded Talk Fusion in 2007 after his earlier attempts to embed videos in emails were laughed off. This made Reina consult a friend with vast computer knowledge and together, they designed a prototype that later developed into a video messaging tool.

His shrewd leadership has seen the company blossom into the seventh biggest online video content provider. As a policeman, Bob Reina worked in the Florida Police Department and stood out as a dedicated law enforcer. He attended the University of South Florida and the Tampa Police Academy.

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